Food Safety Risk Factors For Consumers Ordering And Receiving Perishable Food Items From Online Companies

  Online sales of meat, poultry, game, and seafood products with home delivery are growing.  However, the marketing and shipping of these perishable items directly to consumers poses food safety challenges.  The packages and their contents can be exposed to dangerously high temperatures during transit, potentially leading to the rapid growth of bacteria associated with foodborne illness.  It is important that consumers who order and receive these perishable items take the proper precautions so they can safely enjoy their delivered products.   
Educational Materials

A Consumer's Guide to Safely Ordering and Receiving Meat, Poultry,
and Seafood From Online Companies

Study Results
Ordering Raw Meat, Poultry, Game, and Seafood
Identifying Food Safety Risk Factors
Presented at the Consumer Food Safety Education Conference 2014
Report of Study Results
Survey of consumers expectations and experiences when purchasing and/or receiving
raw meat, poultry, or seafood products from online purveyors
An audit of food safety information provided in shipping containers