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Food Safety Risk Factors For Consumers Ordering And Receiving Perishable Food Items From Online Companies

This section is a combination of results from a multi-institutional study along with a guide on how to safely order and receive meat, poultry, and/or seafood from online companies.
Tasty and Safe Cover Tasty And Safe
A Combination That Makes The Perfect Meal

A cookbook that features recipes ranging from appetizers to side dishes where each recipe not only provides instruction on how to prepare the food item, but how to do it safely.
Chef Camella's
Guide To Storing, Handling, And Preparing Your Egg And Poultry Products Safely

If eggs and poultry are not stored, handled, or cooked correctly they may cause a foodborne illness.  By following the recommendations provided in this booklet, you will be able to enjoy your eggs and poultry worry free.
Proper Storage Of Refrigerated Leftovers

When it comes to preventing foodborne illness, refrigerators are one of the most important appliances in your kitchen.  This booklet contains useful information on how to store your refrigerated foods properly, reducing your risk of becoming sick.
What Will You Do When A Disaster Strikes?
A Curriculum Designed To Help Keep You And Your Food Safe.

A curriculum comprised of 8 lessons designed to be used to educate consumers on how to keep themselves and their food safe before, during, and after a disaster. Each lesson supports an educational approach that is in-depth, interactive, and flexible to the needs of the educational setting.
  Food Safety Because You Care!
Educational Materials for Nurses and Others Who Care for Older Adults.

An educational program consisting of 7 handouts that can be used to educate those who you care for on foodborne illness and proper food safety practices.  These handouts can be displayed in the waiting room, used as an educational tool when performing an exam, sent home with the patient after the visit, or shared with an older adult when in their home.
  Take Control Of Food Safety!
An Educational Program For Older Adults. 

An interactive educational program made up of 7 sections designed to educate seniors on food safety.  Upon completion, seniors will have a greater understanding of foodborne illnesses along with a knowledge of food safety practices.  
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